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American Ethanol Modified Tour Cease Operations

January 9, 2020

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Losh Cruises to First AEmods Victory

September 21, 2019


Kokomo, IN (Friday, September 20, 2019) - A stand alone event for Kokomo Speedway featured the Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series and the American Ethanol Modified Tour Presented by Allstar Performance for a blockbuster event that saw packed grandstands, and packed pits.  When registration closed, 41 DIRTcar UMP Modifieds lined the property, all hoping for a chance to walk away $1,500 richer after the IBEC 30.


When it was time for the AEmods to shine, 21 of the areas best got set to go to work, with Dylan Woodling and Dan Lewellen lead the field to the American Ethanol Green Flag, but the field was quickly slowed when Woodling, who jumped to the early lead, spun to the bottom of the race track.  Near mayhem ensued, as Frank Marshall, who started fifth, nearly went end-over-end after climbing up on top of Woodling’s car. When the dust settled, Woodling was the perch for Marshall’s 28M machine. Both drivers were okay, and would continue the race.

With Woodling and Marshall being sent to the tail as the caution cars, Lewellen welcomed Jerry Bowersock to lead the field back to the green.  Lewellen would come around to lead lap number one, but he would soon be challenged by Derrek Losh, and Losh would come back around to lead lap number two.  Lewellen soon had company for his runner up spot with Dillon Nusbaum, Allen Weisser, and Curt Spalding all searching for speed.


Losh began stretching out a sizeable lead over the rest of the field, a nearly two-second advantage at one time as Weisser settled into the second spot, and Lewellen and Nusbaum continued to fight for third.  The caution would wave again with debris on the Speedway, and that would set off a number of yellow’s over the next 21 laps.


On the restart, Losh again jumped out to the lead, with Weisser holding down the second spot, while Nusbaum and Spalding worked each other over - Lewellen fell off the top five pace following the caution as Bowersock continued to fight to stay in the hunt.  With 17 laps remaining, Woodling spun in the fourth turn, again bringing out the caution.


After the next restart, Nusbaum had managed to find a way to battle Weisser for the second spot, with both drivers going door-to-door for multiple laps - Weisser on the bottom, Nusbaum in the middle, and Spalding right in tow.  Nusbaum bobbled in the corner, allowing Weisser to regain the second spot, as Spalding tried to capitalize on the mistake to take the third position. However, as Spalding was completing the pass, another caution flew for Lewellen who stopped on the backstretch, erasing Losh’s 2.3 second advantage.


The American Ethanol Green Flag was back in the air with 12 laps to go, and the field looked as though it would race to the checkered flag with Losh collecting his first win.  Weisser, Nusbaum, and Spalding went off again going three-wide at one point battling for the second spot, with Weisser coming out the second position. Nusbaum bobbled again, giving Spalding third place, bringing Will Krup with him.  With three laps to go, another caution would be triggered when more debris entered the racing surface in turn number two.


One failed attempt at the restart would bring the field back around for another attempt at the three lap shootout.  For the final time the field roared to life off the fourth turn, with Losh again jumping out to the lead. Everything else about the top three cars changed in a hurry, as Spalding used the bottom of the Speedway to get around Weisser, as Weisser attempted to recover, Krup muscled his way onto the podium as the checkered flag flew.  Weisser and Todd Sherman rounded out the top five.


The next event for the American Ethanol Modified Tour is the final for the 2019 season, and the first ever trip to Fairbury Speedway in Fairbury, IL.  Gates open at 2:00 p.m., and the first American Ethanol Green Flag of the night waves at 6:30 p.m.


For more on the AEmods, log onto - you can also find and follow the Tour on social media, including Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.



Unofficial Results:


IBEC 30:

  1. 21L Derrek Losh

  2. 5 Curt Spalding

  3. K19 Will Krup

  4. 25W Allen Weisser

  5. 65 Todd Sherman

  6. 17N Dillon Nusbaum

  7. 95J Jerry Bowersock

  8. 28M Frank Marshall 

  9. 3W Dylan Woodling

  10. 12M John McClure

  11. 42 Bob Baldwin

  12. 9 Garrett Rons

  13. 65T Tony Anderson

  14. 5L Dan Lewellen

  15. 21A Nick Allen

  16. 23 Luke Hubbell

  17. 77 Andy Bishop

  18. 114 Clayton Bryant

  19. 7 Brad DeYoung

  20. 82 Jacob Poel

  21. 96M Mike McKinney


Allstar Performance Heat 1:

  1. 25W Allen Weisser

  2. 5 Curt Spalding

  3. 21A Nick Allen

  4. K19 Will Krup

  5. 20M Josh Morton

  6. 114 CLayton Bryant

  7. 19 Chad Bauer

  8. 65T Tony Anderson

  9. 49S Darek Snyder

  10. 10 Bradley Jameson


One Ethanol Heat 2:

  1. 21 Derek Losh

  2. 5L Dan Lewellen

  3. 7 Brad DeYoung

  4. 23 Luke Hubbell

  5. 80 Cole Sink

  6. 4G Bill Griffith

  7. 21B Braxton Strait

  8. 14 Mark Shook

  9. 9 Garrett Rons Heat 3:

  1. 17N Dillon Nusbaum

  2. 3W Dylan Woodling

  3. 65 Todd Sherman

  4. 82 Jacob Poel

  5. 12M John McClure

  6. 47 Collin Thirlby

  7. 4B Brian Brindley

  8. 32 Dan Hubbell 

  9. 53 Hillard Miller

  10. 37 David Boening


DUPONT Heat 4:

  1. 28M Frank Marshall

  2. 95J Jerry Bowersock 

  3. 96M Mike McKinney

  4. 77 Andy Bishop

  5. 42 Bob Baldwin

  6. 0 Garrett Jameson

  7. 45 Kyle Hammer

  8. 5H Josh Hotsinpiller 

  9. I812 Mark Hotovy


POET BioFuels Last Chance Qualifier 1:

  1. 20M Josh Morton

  2. 114 Clayton Bryant

  3. 65T Tony Anderson

  4. 80 Cole Sink

  5. 44 Andy Sherley

  6. 14 Mark Shook

  7. 19 Chad Bauer

  8. 10 Bradley Jameson

  9. 49S Darek Snyder

  10. 21B Braxton Strait

  11. 4G Bill Griffith

  12. 9 Garrett Rons


Lane Automotive Last Chance Qualifier 2:

  1. 42 Bob Baldwin

  2. 12M John McClure

  3. 0 Garrett Jameson

  4. 47 Collin Thirlby

  5. 4B Brian Brindley

  6. 32 Dan Hubbell

  7. 53 Hillard Miller

  8. 5H Josh Hotsinpiller

  9. 37 David Boening


Motul Motor Oil Fast Qualifier:

Curt Spalding 13.870