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American Ethanol Modified Tour Cease Operations

January 9, 2020

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Sherman Holds on for Mod Madness Victory

September 14, 2019



Gas City, IN (Friday, September 13, 2019) - Gas City I-69 Speedway was the host for the American Ethanol Modified Tour Presented by Allstar Performance on Friday night.  Over 30 drivers checked in for a shot at $1,500 and a trip to Victory Lane. As the dust settled, Todd Sherman picked up the Mod Madness win.


The caution filled event saw Andy Bishop and Dylan Woodling lead the 22 car field to the American Ethanol Green Flag.  The yellow was quickly displayed when third place starting Zeke McKenzie got turned sideways in turns three and four stacking up the entire bottom lane of the raceway, collecting Jerry Bowersock, Bill Griffith, Braxton Strait, Daniel Russell, and Jason Brennan.  That wouldn’t be the end of the first lap woes, though, as Tony Anderson was turned into the infield on the restart.


When the field did get rolling on the next restart, Bishop led the field across the stripe for the first time.  The entire field desperately wanted the bottom of the raceway, as all but a handful of drivers jockeyed for position.  Debris would trigger the yellow lights again with 23 to go.


On the restart, McKenzi started to make the middle of the Speedway work, but it was short lived as Bishop retook the lead the next time by.  Meanwhile, Sherman, Woodling, and Ryan Sutter went three wide for the third spot. Sherman came out on the winning end continuing to try and reel in McKenzie.  Russell spun in turns three and four bringing out the caution flag, yet again. Another yellow followed directly after when Drew Smith spun in turn four.


On the ensuing restart, Nathon Loney used the outside of the Speedway to battle for the lead, and Sherman followed suite.  Loney took the top spot from Bishop for one lap, but couldn’t hold the position, and he lost track position when he bobbled in turn four.  That allowed Sherman to get by and begin his hunt for Bishop.


With just over 15 laps to go, Sherman muscled his way to the inside of Bishop off of turn number two and began his march away from the field.  His charge was halted though when an inside Speedway tire was kicked into the groove, forcing officials to slow the field once again. Sherman survived the restart holding off a charge from local standout Derrek Losh, who made contact with Bishop on the restart, opening the door for Woodling to bring it home third, ahead of Bishop and Dillon Nusbaum.  The win was Sherman’s first career with the AEmods.


Next up, the AEmods will compete in the  Fall Special from Hartford Speedway along with the American Ethanol Late Model Tour, Stock Cars, and Cyber Stocks.


For more on the AEmods, log onto, and find the Tour on social media including Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.


Unofficial Results:


Mod Madness A-Main:

  1. 65 Todd Sherman

  2. 21 Derek Losh

  3. 3W Dylan Woodling

  4. 77 Andy Bishop

  5. 16W Dillon Nusbaum 

  6. 18 Ryan Sutter

  7. 19 Chad Bauer

  8. 114 Clayton Bryant

  9. 9 Garrett Rons 

  10. 4G Bill Griffith

  11. R19 Ryan Ramseyer

  12. 80 Daniel Russell

  13. 88 Scott Orr

  14. 10L Nathon Loney

  15. 24 Zeke McKenzie 

  16. 7 Drew Smith

  17. 16 Jason Brennan 

  18. 23 Luke Hubbell

  19. 22T Tony Anderson 

  20. 21B Braxton Strait

  21. 95J Jerry Bowersock

  22. 32 Dan Hubbell 


Allstar Performance Heat Race 1:

  1. 3W Dylan Woodling

  2. 65 Todd Sherman

  3. 95J Jerry Bowersock

  4. 10L Nathon Loney

  5. 4G Bill Griffith

  6. 96 Aaron Orr

  7. 9 Garrett Rons

  8. 44 Andy Sherley


IBEC Heat Race 2:

  1. 22T Tony Anderson

  2. 24 Zeke McKenzie

  3. 21 Derek Losh

  4. 114 Clayton Bryant

  5. 80 Daniel Russell

  6. 88 Scott Orr

  7. 14S Terry Sroufe Heat Race 3:

  1. 18 Ryan Sutter

  2. 23 Luke Hubbell

  3. 7 Drew Smith

  4. 24A Terry Grilliot

  5. 16 Jason Brennan

  6. 32 Dan Hubbell

  7. 37 David Boening

  8. 27 Jason Jones


DUPONT Heat Race 4:

  1. 77 Andy Bishop

  2. 21B Braxton Strait

  3. 19 Chad Bauer

  4. R19 Ryan Ramseyer

  5. 16W Dillon Nusbaum

  6. 81 Rick Swartout

  7. 14B Josh Betts


POET BioFuels Last Chance Qualifier 1:

  1. 4G Bill Griffith

  2. 32 Dan Hubbell

  3. 96 Aaron Orr

  4. 9 Garrett Rons

  5. 44 Andy Sherley

  6. 37 David Boening

  7. 27 Jason Jones


American Ethanol Last Chance Qualifier 2:

  1. 80 Daniel Russell

  2. 16W Dillon Nusbaum

  3. 88 Scott Orr

  4. 14S Terry Sroufe

  5. 14B Josh Betts

  6. 81 Rick Swarout


Motul Fast Qualifier Award

Derek Losh 13.465


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