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American Ethanol Modified Tour Cease Operations

January 9, 2020

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Krup Cruises to Tommie Bauer Memorial Win

August 10, 2019


Mt. Pleasant, MI (Friday, August 9, 2019) - Nearly forty or the areas best DIRTcar UMP Modified drivers from across the region checked in Friday to Mount Pleasant Speedway for the 4th Annual Tommie Bauer Memorial Presented by  The special format and extra prize money made for an exciting evening that played right into the hands of points leader, Will Krup.


The evening began with American Ethanol Qualifying, as drivers battled to become the Motul Motor Oil and Lubricants Fast Qualifier, and for a chance to run the Fast Car Dash.  Group One was paced by Jacob Poel, who turned in a 15.213 over Kyle Moore’s 15.233 and Nathon Loney’s 15.342. Group Two saw current AEmods points leader Will Krup top the board with a 15.313 over Kody Weisner’s 15.905 and David Knowlton’s 15.913. Group Three featured Jeffery Erickson, Jr using a 15.262 to narrowly beat Jamie Lomax and his 15.266; Collin Thirlby clocked in with a 15.364.  The fourth and final group but defending event champion David Mielke atop the board with a 15.479, beating out John McClure and his 15.617, and Brent Banning’s 15.660. Poel was given the Motul Motor Oil and Lubricants Fast Qualifier Award. Moore was victorious in the Fast Car Dash.


In heat race action, the top four drivers from each heat would transfer directly into the main event, while everyone else would go to a C or B-Main. Allstar Performance Heat Race Number One saw Moore pick up the win over Poel, Joe Rokos, and Caleb Kill.  Krup went to Victory Lane during Lane Automotive Heat Race Number Two, besting Kody Weisner and Steve Fairbanks. Comp Cams Heat Race Number Three was paced by Lomax, who bested Thirlby and Mark Beard. The American Ethanol Heat Race Number Four featured a win from McClure, over Brent Banning and Mielke.


The final 8 positions were on the line when the C and B-Main races came up.  The top 4 drivers from the C-Main transferred into the B-Main. Garrett Rons picked up the C-Main win, over Donnie Roberts, Nate Wilber, and Dave Baker. In the B-Main, Nathon Loney drove to victory over Brian Speelman, Erickson, Jr, and Brian Brindley.


With the field set, 40 laps was the distance, and $2,519 was the prize at the end of it all.  Krup and Moore led the field to the American Ethanol Green flag, with Moore jumping out to the early lead; which was quickly slowed when Joey Burch spun in turn four of the opening lap, collecting Brian Brindley and Luke Hubbell - the incident would mark the end of the day for Hubbell.


 On the restart, Moore jumped back out to the lead with Rokos and Krup in tow.  The three would race away from a fierce field of drivers looking for a chance to race up to the lead.  Among the cluster of cars was two time champion Poel, who slowed slightly coming off the fourth corner making contact with Banning down the main straightaway. Into turn one, it was clear something was a miss on Poel’s car, and he was off the pace by the exit of turn two.  Poel though, slowed right in the groove, getting hit square from behind by Erickson, Jr, setting off a chain reaction accident involving Caleb Kill and Brindley.


During the ensuing restart, Krup began his clear march to the point, as he dismissed Rokos in two laps, before reeling in Moore.  A multi-lap side-by-side battle ended with Krup at the front of the field, while Moore began a slide backward, being passed by Rokos, Weisner and Thirlby.


Despite the best efforts of the rest of the field, Krup would keep his machine at the front of the field, picking up the win by over four seconds ahead of Rokos.  Mielke raced his way to the podium, coming up just four-one-hundredths of a second short on taking second place. Weisner and Thirlby rounded out the top five.  


Next up for the AEmods, is a $3,000 to win affair Saturday night from Merritt Speedway.  Racing action begins at 7:00 p.m.


For more on the AEmods, log onto, and follow the Tour on social media, including Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.


Unofficial Results:


4th Annual Tommie Bauer Memorial Presented by

  1. K19 Will Krup

  2. 77 Joe Rokos

  3. 87 David Mielke

  4. 88 Kody Weisner

  5. 47 Collin Thirlby 

  6. 8 Kyle Moore

  7. 28 Mark Beard

  8. 19 Chad Bauer

  9. 12 John McClure

  10. 16 Joey Burch

  11. 15 Dave Baker

  12. 99 Brent Banning

  13. 22S Brian Speelman 

  14. 9 Garrett Rons

  15. 92 Caleb Kill

  16. 15 Austin Harnick 

  17. 1E Jeffery Erickson Jr. 

  18. 51 Steve Fairbanks 

  19. 36L Jamie Lomax

  20. 82 Jacob Poel

  21. 4B Brian Brindley 

  22. 10L Nathon Loney

  23. 23 Luke Hubbell 


B Main:

  1. 10L Nathon Loney

  2. 22S Brian Speelman

  3. 1E Jeffery Erickson Jr.

  4. 4B Brian Brindley 

  5. 1X Mike Vandermark 

  6. 23 Luke Hubbell 

  7. 4 Taylor Wiles

  8. 80 David Knowlton

  9. 3T John Taylor

  10. 11 Josh Loomis

  11. 15 Dave Baker

  12. 4J Paul Johnson

  13. 39 Chad Spencer

  14. 9 Garrett Rons

  15. 60 Nate Wilber

  16. 63R Donnie Roberts 


C Main: 

  1. 9 Garrett Rons

  2. 63R Donnie Roberts

  3. 60 Nate Wilber

  4. 15 Dave Baker

  5. 0 Milt Montgomery 

  6. 81 Rick Swartout

  7. 1* Wyatt Baker

  8. 22 Jim Petterson


Allstar Performance Heat 1:

  1. 8 Kyle Moore

  2. 82 Jacob Poel

  3. 77 Joe Rokos

  4. 92 Caleb Kill

  5. 10L Nathon Loney

  6. 1X Mike Vandermark 

  7. 11 Josh Loomis

  8. 63R Donnie Roberts

  9. 22 Jim Patterson

  10. 15 Dave Baker


Lane Automotive Heat 2:

  1. K19 Will Krup

  2. 88 Kody Weisner

  3. 51 Steve Fairbanks

  4. 15H Austin Harnick

  5. 80 David Knowlton

  6. 4 Taylor Wiles

  7. 39 Chad Spencer

  8. 9 Garrett Ron's

  9. 0 Milt Montgomery

Comp Cams Heat 3:

  1. 36L Jamie Lomax

  2. 47 Collin Thirlby 

  3. 28 Mark Beard

  4. 16 Joey Burch

  5. 22S Brian Speelman

  6. 1E Jeffery Erickson Jr.

  7. 4J Paul Johnson

  8. 60 Nate Wilber

  9. 1* Wyatt Baker

American Ethanol Heat 4:

  1. 12 John McClure

  2. 99 Brent Banning

  3. 87 David Mielke

  4. 19 Chad Bauer

  5. 4B Brian Brindley

  6. 23 Luke Hubbell

  7. 3T John Taylor

  8. 81 Rick Swartout

  9. 62 Daryl Lehn


Fast Car Dash:

  1. 8 Kyle Moore

  2. K19 Will Krup

  3. 36L Jamie Lomax

  4. 10L Nathon Loney

  5. 1E Jeffery Erickson Jr.

  6. 82 Jacob Poel


Motul Motor Oil Fast Qualifier:

82 Jacob Poel 15.213


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