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American Ethanol Modified Tour Cease Operations

January 9, 2020

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Poel Holds off Mielke Through Traffic for NAPA Auto & Truck Parts 30 Win


Lake Odessa, MI (Monday, August 13, 2018) – For the third time in 2018, the cars and stars of the American Ethanol Modified Tour Presented by Allstar Performance (AEMODT) were challenged with the task of conquering Merritt Speedway in Lake City, Michigan.  Nearly 30 DirtCar UMP Modifieds entered in to try and compete for the victory in the NAPA Auto and Truck Parts 30 lap main event.


The evening started as most AEMODT events do with Motul Motor Oil and Lubricants qualifying.  Of the three groups, David Mielke lead the way in group one with a 14.806 second lap time, the only driver to dip down into the 14-second bracket.  Chad Bauer lead the way in group two at a 15.568, while Jacob Poel set the pace in group three at a 15.520.


For the second night in a row, Allstar Performance Heat Race One proved to be a difficult one for the AEMODT drivers.  Three cautions slowed the race, one of which included heavy contact for Joe Rokos and Colin Thirlby.  Clayton Smith was attempting to pull alongside of, then race leader, Paul Johnson, when Smith got loose and spun toward the inside of the race track collecting Rokos; Thirlby, with nowhere to hide, hit Rokos and was momentarily airborne due to the contact.  All three competitors were able to continue, with Mielke picking up the win.  Other heat race winners included Chad Bauer and Jacob Poel.  The top five cars from each heat race were locked directly into the main event, while those who finished outside the top five were forced to compete in the Carbon Green BioEnergy Last Chance Qualifier (LCQ).


The 12-lap LCQ was only halted for a single car spin on lap nine.  John McClure, who started on the pole, won the race, while Anthony Demming, Caleb Kill, John Taylor, and Michael Patrick also raced their way into the show.  Smith and Garrett Rons fell back on provisionals to make the show.  That would set the field for the NAPA Auto and Truck Parts 30.


At the drop of the green flag, Bauer and Poel battled for half a track before Poel settled in at the front of the field.  Three early cautions keep the field close with single car spins on laps three, five, and seven.  From there, the race went to the end without incident, as Bauer and Mielke battled for the second spot.  During their battle, Poel was forced to try and pick his way through lap traffic.  As he did so, that allowed Mielke to make a run for the lead, however he never managed to get to the front as Poel held off the charge to go to victory lane for the second time in 2018.



The next event for the AEMODT is the beginning of a triple header weekend for the American Ethanol Tours.  On Friday, August 31, the AEMODT heads to Hartford Speedway in Hartford, Michigan for a rain make up show before heading back north to Merritt Speedway on Saturday, September 1.  Then, on Sunday, September 2, the American Ethanol Late Model Tour (AELMT) will be in action from Merritt Speedway, all part of a Labor Day Weekend of racing.


If ever you can’t attend an AEMODT or AELMT event, be sure to log onto your favorite Tour’s website ( or and click “Race Day Live”.  There, you’ll find LIVE timing and scoring powered by Motor City Racing Promotions, as well as LIVE flag-to-flag coverage of the events, presented by Motorsports Broadcasting of Michigan.  Be sure to find and follow the AEMODT on social media, including Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for behind the scenes content, stories, photos, and more.



Napa Auto & Truck Parts 30

1. 82 Jacob Poel

2. 87 David Mielke

3. 19 Chad Bauer

4. 4J Paul Johnson

5. 77 Joe Rokos

6. 21W Brad Wilson

7. 47 Collin Thirlby

8. 99 Brent Banning

9. 24N Kyle Novak

10. 12 John McClure

11. 23 Luke Hubbell

12. 77D Anthony Deming

13. 92 Caleb Kill

14. 62 Daryl Lehn

15. 13 Andy Galgoci

16. 313 Clayton Smith

17. 9 Garrett Rons

18. 26P Michael Patrick

19. 87K Josh Knoll

20. 2D Curtis Deisenroth

21. 18 Chase Burda

22. 3T John Taylor


Carbon Green BioEnergy Last Chance Qualifier

1. 12 John McClure

2. 77D Anthony Deming

3. 92 Caleb Kill

4. 3T John Taylor

5. 29P Michael Patrick

6. 313 Clayton Smith

7. 28 Scott Mackenzie

8. 29 Jerry Kent

9. 9 Garrett Rons

10. 50 Terry Barton

11. 15H Austin Harnick Heat 3

1. 82 Jacob Poel

2. 18 Chase Burda

3. 2D Curtis Deisenroth

4. 23 Luke Hubbell

5. 24N Kyle Novak

6. 92 Caleb Kill

7. 3T John Taylor

8. 07 Allen Oyer

9. 29 Jerry Kent


Quarter Master Heat 2

1. 19 Chad Bauer

2. 877K Josh Knoll

3. 21W Brad Wilson

4. 62 Daryl Lehn

5. 99 Brent Banning

6. 77D Anthony Deming

7. 28 Scott Mackenzie

8. 26P Michael Patrick

9. 9 Garrett Rons


Allstar Performance Heat 1

1. 87 David Mielke

2. 77 Joe Rokos

3. 4J Pual Johnson

4. 47 Collin Thirlby

5. 13 Andy Galgoci

6. 12 John McClure

7. 50 Tony Barton

8. 15H Austin Harnick

9. 38 David Boening

10. 313 Clayton Smith




Allstar Performance Hard Charger: *99 Brett Banning

CompCams Halfway Leader: 82 Jacob Poel

ARP Most Laps Lead: 82 Jacob Poel

Quarter Master Move of the Race: 87 David Mielke

Dirty Girl Raceway P10 Award: 12 John McClure

Motul Motor Oil Fast Qualifier: 87 David Mielke

Lane Automotive Member A: 19 Chad Bauer

QuickCar Member B: 4J Paul Johnson

* = Non-Member, not eligible to receive award certificate




Story By: Motorsports Broadcasting of Michigan

Photo By: Jim Denhammer

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