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American Ethanol Modified Tour Cease Operations

January 9, 2020

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Lewis Captures Thrilling POET 30 at Montpelier

Montpelier, Indiana - In just their second race of the 2018 season (due to weather) the cars and stars of the American Ethanol Modified Tour Presented by Allstar Performance (AEMODT) hosted their largest field in history, in their first ever trip to Montpelier Motor Speedway, Montpelier, Indiana.  If that wasn't enough, the winner of the POET Biofuels 30 was a first time winner with the AEMODT.


On a beautiful summer day in middle Indiana, UMP Modified drivers from across the region filed in to be a part of the AEMODT's first ever appearance to Montpelier Motor Speedway.  At the close of driver registration, 51 cars were registered and on the property getting set to do battle for the $1600 to win main event, many drivers making their first ever start with the AEMODT.  Due to the record breaking amount of cars, a format was used for the first time by AEMODT officials, which included five heat races and three last chance qualifiers to set the field.  Because of that, drivers knew they needed to have their cars dialed in all night long.


Collecting the first victory on the night was Bobby Stemme as he set Motul Motor Oil and Lubricants Quick Time turning a lap of 17.239 in group number one of five for the night.  With such a wide variety of cars showing up for the Poet BioFuels 30, qualifying was extremely important to decide where drivers would start in their heat race.  The field was separated by nearly three seconds, with the slowest lap time being turned at a 21.397.

From there, heat race action was next on the docket.  Under the 50 car format, the top three would advance directly to the show, while only the top two would go on to be a part of the all important re-draw.  While the track was slicking up and slowing down, racing for the final transfer spot was exciting to watch all evening long, right through the last chance qualifiers.

After the Last Chance Qualifiers, officials with the Montpelier Motor Speedway took some time to try and "bring some life back" to the track before the AEMODT main event.  22 cars rolled off the grid to take the green flag, all of which raced their way into the show, excluding Clayton Smith who was awarded the AEMODT Champions Provisional for being the highest placed member driver in 2018 points to not make the show.  Lynn, Indiana's Bill Lewis started along side of Todd Sherman to start the race, and from their, Lewis never looked back.  Lewis saw a challenge by Zeke McKenzi late in the race, but was able to power back by to collect the win. Jacob Poel made a late race run, gaining six positions, Poel earned the Allstar Performance Hard Charger Award, en-route to his eventual second place finish. Zeke McKenzi rounded out the podium by finishing third.

Next up for the AEMODT is the continuation of the Merritt Show on Saturday, July 28th.  If ever you miss a race, or can't attend in person, be sure to log onto to enjoy LIVE flag-to-flag coverage provided by Motorsports Broadcasting of Michigan, as well as LIVE timing and scoring provided by Motor City Racing Promotions. Live race day updates can also be found on the tours Facebook and Twitter accounts.

To learn more about the AEMODT, log onto, or find them on social media including Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.





Allstar Performance Heat 1
1. 118L Bill Lewis
2. 53 Bobby Stremme
3. 4 Brandon McCombs
4. 4G Bill Griffith
5. 9N Travis Nichols
6. 92 Kyle Shaffer
7. 14B Josh Bretts
8. 26P Patrick Michael

Bilstein Shock Absorbers Heat 2
1. 15 Dave Baker
2. 65 Todd Sherman
3. 77 Joe Rokos
4. 20M Josh Morton
5. 9 Garrett Rons
6. R19 Ryan Ramseyer
7. 49K Stewart Mason
8. E85 Jesse Strange
9. 49 Brent Davis
10. 57 Tyler Johnson Heat 3
1. 24 Zeke McKenzie
2. 22T Tony Anderson
3. 77B Andy Bishop
4. 80 Cole Sink
5. 13 Andy Galgoci
6. 118 Gunnar Lucius
7. 71E Pat Elhert
8. 86 Luke Timmerman
9. 77D Anthony Deming
10. 80R Russell Daniel

Quarter Master Heat 4
1. 47 Collin Thirlby
2. 82 Jacob Poel
3. 188 Aaron Orr
4. 4J Paul Johnson
5. 12 John McClure
6. 19 Chad Bauer
7. T5X Bub Roberts
8. 313 Clayton Smith
9. 57M Josh Malott

American Ethanol Heat 5
1. 87 David Mielke
2. 1E Jeffery Erickson Jr.
3. 23 Luke Hubbell
4. 17N Dillon Nusbaum
5. 72 Todd Gnat
6. 24N Kyle Novak
7. 8 Jim Mallery
8. 711B Jerry Blaud
9. 1K Logan Smooth
10. 27 Frank Paladino

Carbon Green BioEnergy Last Chance Race 1
1. 4J Paul Johnson
2. 4G Bill Griffith
3. 72 Todd Gnat
4. 118 Gunnar Lucius
5. T5X Bub Roberts
6. 80R Daniel Russell
7. 711B Jerry Blaud
8. 9 Garrett Rons
9. 14B Josh Betts
10. E85 Jesse Strange

Kevtron Media Last Chance Race 2
1. 19 Chad Bauer
2. 1K Logan Smooth
3. 27 Frank Paladino
4. 13 Andy Galgoci
5. 86 Luke Timmerman
6. 8 Jim Mallery
7. 49 Brent Davis
8. 17N Dillon Nusbaum
9. 49K Mason Stewart

POET BioFuels Last Chance Race 3
1. 12 John McClure
2. 24N Kyle Novak
3. 313 Clayton Smith
4. 9N Travis Nichols
5. 80 Cole Sink
6. 26P Michael Patrick
7. 77D Anthony Deming
8. R19 Ryan Ramseyer
9. 57 Tyler Johnson
10. 71E Pat Elhert

POET BioFuels A-Main
1. 118L Bill Lewis
2. 82 Jacob Poel
3. 24 Zeke McKenzie
4. 53 Bobby Stremme
5. 87 David Mielke
6. 65 Todd Sherman
7. 1E Jeffery Erickson Jr.
8. 47 Collin Thirlby
9. 188 Aaron Orr
10. 22T Tony Anderson
11. 15 Dave Baker
12. 77 Joe Rokos
13. 12 John McClure
14. 19 Chad Bauer
15. 1K Logan Smooth
16. 4J Paul Johnson
17. 23 Luke Hubbell
18. 77B Andy Bishop
19. 24N Kyle Novak
20. 313 Clayton Smith
21. 4 Brandon McCombs
22. 4G Bill Griffith

Allstar Performance Hard Charger: 82 Jacob Poel
CompCams Halfway Leader: *118L Bill Lewis
ARP Most Laps Lead: *118L Bill Lewis
Motul Motor Oil & Lubricants Fast Time: *53 Bobby Stremme
Dirty Girl P10 Award: *22T Tony Anderson
Lane Automotive Member: 87 David Mielke
Quarter Master Move of the Race: 82 Jacob Poel 
* = Non-Member, not eligible to receive award.

Bonus Money - Dairy Queen of Plymouth
A-Main P1 ($100): 118L Bill Lewis
A-Main P2 ($100): 82 Jacob Poel
A-Main P3 ($50): 24 Zeke McKenzie
A-Main Hard Charger ($50): 82 Jacob Poel (+6)



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