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American Ethanol Modified Tour Cease Operations

January 9, 2020

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Jacob Poel Clears Over $30,000 In Four Nights Of Work Over The Fourth Of July Holiday Weekend

July 4, 2017

One more race on Friday, July 7th at Manistee County Fairgrounds before an extended vacation for the AEMODT teams

Lake City, Michigan (Monday, July 3rd, 2017): The first signature event of the American Ethanol Modified Tour presented by Allstar Performance was at the fast ¼ (0.250) mile semi-banked dirt oval of Merritt Speedway, located west of Houghton Lake in Lake City, Michigan. The Inaugural Merritt Allstar Performance Classic would see the winner take home a $10,000 check and wrap up the Fourth of July Holiday Weekend of racing. Current AEMODT points leader, Jacob Poel would come into the event with a chance to clear over $30,000 in prize money and AEMODT contingencies for the weekend after winning the last AEMODT race at Hartford Speedway on June 30th and sweeping the first two DIRTcar UMP Modified Features at Merritt on July 1st & 2nd and that’s exactly what he did by winning the 50-Lap main event.


The tracks Allstar Performance $15,000 Clean Sweep Challenge was up for grabs for Poel if he could sweep all three races, including two weekly events on Saturday-Sunday, July 1-2nd as well as the Allstar Performance Classic, he got $1,500 to win on Saturday and Sunday, plus $10,000 on Monday and a $15,000 bonus for sweeping all three days for a grand total of $28,000. All part of the tracks mammoth three-day race weekend, the Soaring Eagle Casino & Resort Independence Weekend. Add in the AEMODT contingency awards for both this event and the $1,500 plus contingencies for winning at Hartford, his grand total would be over $30,000 in four days of racing.


“This is so unbelievable. I really don’t know what to say. Thank you so much to everyone that has made this possible. This really makes our year,” The emotional driver of the popular #82 Lakeshore Custom Homes/Rocket Chassis by Pro-Act/Outlaw Racing Engines ride stated in his post-race interview as he was surrounded by his crew, family and friends. “We learned so much this past winter and spring spending time with (Scott) Bloomquist and his team. Just learning things here and there and it’s made such a difference in our program. We’re back where we need to be and this only proves it.” The AEMODT points leader added.


After the Redraw of the Top Two finishers out of each of the four Heat Races, it would be a pair of West Michigan standouts from the Muskegon, Michigan area, Brad Wilson and Stan Dodds leading the stacked 24 car field (Out of 40 cars on the property) to Chief Starter, Marc Henry’s green flag. Dodds would beat Wilson to the first corner to take the early lead from his outside front row starting spot and he would bring outside second row starter, Joe Rokos with him. Soon, Jacob Poel, who started fifth, slipped underneath both Chad Bauer, the third place starter and Wilson and found himself dueling with Rokos for second. After slipping past Rokos, Poel set his sights on Dodds and on lap six, made the pass for the lead.


Poel and Rokos would pull away from the rest of the pack to battle and soon found themselves picking their way through traffic. Rokos would not let Poel stray too far out in front and soon was joined by 10th place starter, three-time and defending track champion, David Mielke setting up a three-car battle for the lead. A caution on lap 40 set up a 10-lap shootout for $10K and on the restart, Rokos went to the very top side and as he was riding the cushion, pulled up along-side Poel in an effort to take the lead. As hard as he tried to get out ahead, Poel stayed out front and eventually would get away from Rokos and later a late charge from Mielke, who slipped past Rokos for second, but ran out of time trying to catch Poel who would take the checkered flag first for the career defining payday.


Mielke finished second to stay second in points and on pace with Poel in the chase for the Inaugural AEMODT Championship while Rokos finished third and also stayed within striking distance of Poel and Mielke in third in points. Kody Weisner, in his AEMODT debut, was fourth over Bauer who completed the top five. Dodds would recover to finish in sixth as Curt Spalding, Wilson, Jeff Erickson Jr., and John McClure would finish off the top 10.  


Coming off the Merritt Allstar Performance Classic, the American Ethanol Modified Tour presented by Allstar Performance are racing just four days later on Friday, July 7th. The massive 9/16s (0.563) mile slightly banked dirt oval of the Manistee County Fairgrounds, located west of Cadillac in Onekama, Michigan will host the 30. This will be the first race of the season for the historic fairgrounds oval and the AEMODT cars and stars highlight the program. After the Manistee event, the AEMODT teams will take an extended vacation before returning to action over the Labor Day Holiday Weekend.


For more information about the remainder of the inaugural 2017 racing season for the American Ethanol Modified Tour presented by Allstar Performance, please visit the website at: You can also follow the tour on Facebook by going to: and click on “Like”. The tour Twitter account will be the primary source for race day updates throughout the 2017 racing season. Be sure to go to the AEMODT Twitter page today at: and click on “Follow”.


To learn more about Motor City Racing Promotions, the event management group for the AEMODT, email MCRP President, Scott Menlen at: or call the MCRP office at: (248) 747-6277. You can also go to the MCRP website at: The Facebook Fan Page for MCRP is at: and click on “Like” today. Don’t forget to “Follow” MCRP on Twitter at: Finally, and throughout the 2017 racing season, Live Timing & Scoring from every race in 2017 will be available for absolutely free from your mobile device by purchasing the Race Monitor Mobile App or online at:


2017 American Ethanol Modified Tour presented by Allstar Performance Marketing Partners

American Ethanol (Title Sponsor) & Allstar Performance (Presenting Sponsor) as well as ARP Bolts, Carbon Green BioEnergy, Dirty Girl Racewear, Growth Energy, Hoosier Racing Tires, Horsepower Innovations, Iroquois Bio-Energy, Isky Racing Cams, Keyser Manufacturing, Lane Automotive, Michigan Corn Growers Association, Motor City Racing Promotions, NUVU Fuels, Pace Performance, Poet Bio-Refining, Quarter Master, QuickCar Racing Products, Shirtworks Racewear and


About the American Ethanol Modified Tour presented by Allstar Performance

Founded on December 6th, 2016, the American Ethanol Modified Tour presented by Allstar Performance was created as a brand new tour utilizing DIRTcar Racing UMP Modifieds in the Great Lakes / Midwestern region of the United States. In the inaugural season, the AEMODT will race in 13 events within three states, including one race paying a whopping $10,000 to Win (Monday, July 3rd at Merritt Speedway). The home state of Michigan is well represented with 11 events while the neighboring states of Indiana and Ohio will have one show apiece. Future plans for the AEMODT see the Tour expanded outside of the Great Lakes State with more events in Indiana and Ohio as well as outside those three key states.


About American Ethanol

American Ethanol is a partnership between Growth Energy and the National Corn Growers Association and is a collaborative-effort marketing campaign to increase awareness of the reliability, performance capabilities and affordability of American made E15 Ethanol. Growth Energy, an ethanol industry group, and the National Corn Growers Association formed the American Ethanol partnership which highlights E15, a high-performance fuel, providing the same drivability with increased engine performance as regular gasoline. It’s a 15% Ethanol blend made with American ethanol from corn grown in our nation’s heartland and an 85% Gas blend. After extensive testing, NASCAR adopted the fuel for use in all three of their national racing series in 2011. The race teams and engine builders were heavily involved in the transition process, and have since reported high praise for the fuel, which boosts horsepower while reducing emissions. For more information about American Ethanol, go to:


Official Results (Race #6 – 40 Cars) – Monday, July 3rd, 2017 – Merritt Speedway – Lake City, Michigan
Soaring Eagle Casino & Resort Independence Weekend Day III – Inaugural Merritt Allstar Performance Classic 50

American Ethanol Feature (Inaugural Merritt Allstar Performance Classic 50): 1. (5) 82 Jacob Poel, 2. (10) 87 David Mielke, 3. (4) 77 Joe Rokos, 4. (7) 05 Kody Weisner, 5. (3) 19 Chad Bauer, 6. (2) 14d Stan Dodds, 7. (9) 111 Curt Spalding, 8. (1) 21 Brad Wilson, 9. (8) 1e Jeff Erickson Jr., 10. (15) 12m John McClure, 11. (6) 4j Paul Johnson, 12. (13) 1s Andy Sprague, 13. (20) 15 Dave Baker, 14. (14) 24n Kyle Novak, 15. (12) 13 Andy Galgoci, 16. (16) 711 Scott Payton, 17. (11) 11 Tim Wilber, 18. (18) 99 Brent Banning, 19, (19) 36 Jeramy Wood ®, 20. (24) 92 Caleb Kill, 21. (17) 5h Jason Hoogerhyde, 22. (22) 163 Garrett Wiles, 23. (21) 21 Charlie Mihacsi, 24. (23) 4b Brian Brindley

(Lap Leaders: 14d Stan Dodds 1-5, 82 Jacob Poel 6-50 – Cautions=2)

NUVU Fuels Last Chance Race #1 (12 Laps / Top 3 Transfer): 1. (1) 5h Jason Hoogerhyde, 2. (2) 36 Jeramy Wood ®, 3. (9) 3 Charlie Mihacsi, 4. (4) 32 Dan Hubbell, 5. (5) 23 Luke Hubbell ®, 6. (7) 1 Brian Przepiora ®, 7. (3) 4b Brian Brindley, 8. (6) 5 Dave VanGuilder, 9. (10) 27b Jeff Burroughs, 10. (8) 22 Mark Beard – Did Not Start: 39 Chad Spencer, 17 Doug McLachlan


Horsepower Innovations Last Chance Race #2 (12 Laps / Top 3 Transfer): 1. (2) 99 Brent Banning, 2. (1) 15 Dave Baker, 3. (6) 164 Garrett Wiles, 4. (4) 92 Caleb Kill, 5. (5) 25 Josh Lolmaugh, 6. (7) 26 Mike Patrick, 7. (11) 37jr Mark Pifer Jr., 8. (3) 62 Daryl Lehn, 9. (8) 21r Milt Montgomery, 10. (10) 14 Bill Endert, 11. (9) 77d Anthony Deming ® - Did Not Start: 49 Brian Ruhlman

Carbon Green BioEnergy Heat Race #1 (10 Laps / Top 4 Transfer): 1. (1) 19 Chad Bauer, 2. (3) 4j Paul Johnson, 3. (4) 111 Curt Spalding, 4. (6) 1s Andy Sprague, 5. (7) 5h Jason Hoogerhyde, 6. (2) 4b Brian Brindley, 7. (8) 23 Luke Hubbell ®, 8. (5) 1 Brian Przepiora ®, 9. (9) 3 Charlie Mihacsi, 10. 10) 37b Jeff Burroughs Heat Race #2 (10 Laps / Top 4 Transfer): 1. (1) 05 Kody Weisner, 2. (5) 1e Jeff Erickson Jr., 3. (4) 87 David Mielke, 4. (2) 24n Kyle Novak, 5. (3) 15 Dave Baker, 6. (7) 62 Daryl Lehn, 7. (10) 25 Josh Lolmaugh, 8. (6) 26 Mike Patrick, 9. (9) 77d Anthony Deming ®, 10. (8) 37jr Mark Pifer Jr.


Growth Energy Heat Race #3 (10 Laps / Top 4 Transfer): 1. (4) 82 Jacob Poel, 2. (1) 14d Stan Dodds, 3. (2) 0 Tim Wilber, 4. (3) 12m John McClure, 5. (9) 36 Jeramy Wood ®, 6. (5) 32 Dan Hubbell, 7. (7) 5d Dave VanGuilder, 8. (8) 22 Mark Beard, 9. (6) 39 Chad Spencer – Did Not Start: 17 Doug McLachlan


Michigan Corn Growers Association Heat Race #4 (10 Laps / Top 4 Transfer): 1. (1) 77 Joe Rokos, 2. (2) 21 Brad Wilson, 3. (3) 13 Andy Galgoci, 4. (4) 711 Scott Payton, 5. (5) Brent Banning, 6. (6) 92 Caleb Kill, 7. (8) 164 Garrett Wiles, 8. (7) 21r Milt Montgomery, 9. (9) 14 Bill Endert – Did Not Start: 49 Brian Ruhlman


American Ethanol Qualifying (Group 1): 1. 111 Curt Spalding 15.423, 2. 4j Paul Johnson 15.710, 3. 4b Brian Brindley 15.808, 4. 19 Chad Bauer 15.819, 5. 1 Brian Przepiora ® 16.011, 6. 1s Andy Sprague 16.164, 7. 5h Jason Hoogerhyde, 8. 23 Luke Hubbell ® 16.348, 9. 3 Charlie Mihacsi No Time, 10. 37b Jeff Burroughs No Time


American Ethanol Qualifying (Group 2): 1. 87 David Mielke 15.512, 2. 15 Dave Baker 15.695, 3. 24n Kyle Novak 15.757, 4. 05 Kody Weisner 15.758, 5. 1e Jeff Erickson Jr. 15.884, 6. 26 Mike Patrick 16.093, 7. 62 Daryl Lehn 16.534, 8. 37jr Mark Pifer Jr. 16.571, 9. 77d Anthony Deming ® 23.405, 10. 25 Josh Lolmaugh No Time


American Ethanol Qualifying (Group 3): 1. 82 Jacob Poel 15.292 (ISKY Racing Cams Fast Qualifier / New Track Record), 2. 12m John McClure 15.655, 3. 0 Tim Wilber 15.856, 4. 14d Stan Dodds 16.138, 5. 32 Dan Hubbell 16.683, 6. 39 Chad Spencer 16.766, 7. 5d Dave VanGuilder 17.058, 8. 22 Mark Beard 20.609, 9. 17 Doug McLachlan No Time, 10. 36 Jeramy Wood ® No Time


American Ethanol Qualifying (Group 4): 1. 711 Scott Payton 15.704, 2. 13 Andy Galgoci 15.729, 3. 21 Brad Wilson 15.824, 4. 77 Joe Rokos 15.887, 5. 99 Brent Banning 15.894, 6. 92 Caleb Kill 16.549, 7. 21r Milt Montgomery 16.755, 8. 164 Garrett Wiles 16.896, 9. 14 Bill Endert 17.130, 10. 49 Brian Ruhlman No Time


Contingency Awards:
QuickCar Racing Products Rookie of the Race: 36 Jeramy Wood

Allstar Performance Hard-Charger Award: 87 David Mielke

Aeroquip Halfway Leader: 82 Jacob Poel

ARP Most Laps Led: 82 Jacob Poel

Driven Racing Oil P3: 77 Joe Rokos

Keyser Manufacturing P4: 19 Chad Bauer

Shirtworks Apparel P5: 19 Chad Bauer

Dirty Girl Racewear P10: 12m John McClure

ISKY Racing Cams Fast Qualifier