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American Ethanol Modified Tour Cease Operations

January 9, 2020

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Brian Brindley Scores Thrilling Victory & $1,500 Check In The Hoosigan Hustle At Baer Field Motorsports Park

June 18, 2017

First American Ethanol Modified Tour presented by Allstar Performance event outside of the home state of Michigan draws 29 teams


Fort Wayne, Indiana (Saturday, June 17th, 2017): The American Ethanol Modified Tour presented by Allstar Performance made their first trip outside of the home state of Michigan to the newly constructed ¼ (0.250) mile semi-banked dirt oval of Baer Field Motorsports Park in Fort Wayne, Indiana. The AEMODT’s first ever race in the Hoosier State, the Hoosigan Hustle 25 saw the AEMODT contingent vying for a $1,500 payday on a track that no DIRTcar UMP Modified had ever raced on before. The dirt track, constructed within the tracks existing ½ mile and 3/8s mile paved configurations provided plenty of excitement and when all was said and done, Brian Brindley would be standing in victory lane after a thrilling battle with Joe Rokos to score the win.


“That was fun racing with Joe (Rokos) like that. We bumped a few times, but man that’s just good hard racing. That was real close there and the checkered flag, but man we were able to beat him and got our first win in this series.” The elated 40-year-old driver of the #4b M&B Trucking/Rocky Chassis by Ruhlman/Kempel Motorsports Engines entry stated in victory lane. “The American Ethanol Modified Tour is just so tough and I really didn’t know if we’d be able to win one of these. But we did and in only the third race of the season too. I can’t say enough about everyone who is involved with this car. To come all the way down here, about five hours one way, and win, this is pretty awesome.” He added. The official margin of victory was only 0.188 seconds.


After the redraw of the top three finishers in the three Heat Races, it would be Brindley who drew the #1 pill and would start on the pole along-side Chad Bauer, who finished second just three nights before in the 3rd Annual Merritt Showdown at Merritt Speedway, leading the 21-car field to the green flag. Brindley beat out Bauer to the first corner to grab the early lead while the rest of the field settled in behind him, it wouldn’t take long for ISKY Racing Cams Fast Qualifier, Joe Rokos to grab second away from Bauer, from his third starting spot and begin to chase down Brindley who tried to pull away early from the rest of the pack.


Rokos never let Brindley get too far ahead as Rokos was looking to advance on his two third place finishes in the first two AEMODT events. Brindley was up to the challenge though as he fought off Rokos’ consistent advances and even when lapped traffic came into play for the first time in the race with five laps to go, Brindley would carefully pick his way through. With the white flag flying, Rokos slid his way up next to Brindley in turns one and two and the two cars drag raced down the backstretch with the crowd now on their feet cheering. As they came out of turn four for the checkered, Brindley inched out ahead and crossed the start/finish line first to grab his first career AEMODT victory.


Rokos settled for second with Inaugural AEMODT event winner back on May 27th at Thunderbird Raceway (MI), David Mielke completing the podium finishers. Merritt Showdown winner, Jacob Poel grabbed fourth place to secure his points lead while Bauer would complete the top five. Collin Thirlby would take sixth spot ahead of John McClure who finished a season high seventh. QuickCar Racing Products Rookie points leader, Josh Scott padded his early season freshman lead with an eighth place showing as Dave Baker and Paul Johnson would finish off the top 10. Just four Indiana based teams made the Feature with Zach Brubaker the highest finishing Hoosier State resident at 14th. Terry Hall was 16th, Fort Wayne resident, Pete Wormcastle was 19th while NUVU Fuels Last Chance Race winner, Bobby Stremme dropped out on the first lap and was credited with 21st.


The American Ethanol Modified Tour presented by Allstar Performance cars and stars will head to the fast 4/10s (0.400) mile high-banked dirt oval of I-96 Speedway for the next event on Sunday, June 25th. The AEMODT contingent will be a part of the Inaugural American Ethanol Shootout along-with the American Ethanol Late Model Tour and American Ethanol Mini Wedge Association all together in one gigantic show. The track, located east of Grand Rapids and west of Lansing in Lake Odessa, Michigan will see the Modified teams go 30 laps in the 30. Racing will start at 6:00p.m., and more information will be available, as it becomes finalized, at:


For more information about the remainder of the inaugural 2017 racing season for the American Ethanol Modified Tour presented by Allstar Performance, please visit the website at: You can also follow the tour on Facebook by going to: and click on “Like”. The tour Twitter account will be the primary source for race day updates throughout the 2017 racing season. Be sure to go to the AEMODT Twitter page today at: and click on “Follow”.


To learn more about Motor City Racing Promotions, the event management group for the AEMODT, email MCRP President, Scott Menlen at: or call the MCRP office at: (248) 747-6277. You can also go to the MCRP website at: The Facebook Fan Page for MCRP is at: and click on “Like” today. Don’t forget to “Follow” MCRP on Twitter at: Finally, and throughout the 2017 racing season, Live Timing & Scoring from every race in 2017 will be available for absolutely free from your mobile device by purchasing the Race Monitor Mobile App or online at:


2017 American Ethanol Modified Tour presented by Allstar Performance Marketing Partners

American Ethanol (Title Sponsor) & Allstar Performance (Presenting Sponsor) as well as ARP Bolts, Carbon Green BioEnergy, Dirty Girl Racewear, Growth Energy, Hoosier Racing Tires, Horsepower Innovations, Iroquois Bio-Energy, Isky Racing Cams, Keyser Manufacturing, Lane Automotive, Michigan Corn Growers Association, Motor City Racing Promotions, NUVU Fuels, Pace Performance, Poet Bio-Refining, Quarter Master, QuickCar Racing Products, Shirtworks Racewear and


About the American Ethanol Modified Tour presented by Allstar Performance

Founded on December 6th, 2016, the American Ethanol Modified Tour presented by Allstar Performance was created as a brand new tour utilizing DIRTcar Racing UMP Modifieds in the Great Lakes / Midwestern region of the United States. In the inaugural season, the AEMODT will race in 13 events within three states, including one race paying a whopping $10,000 to Win (Monday, July 3rd at Merritt Speedway). The home state of Michigan is well represented with 11 events while the neighboring states of Indiana and Ohio will have one show apiece. Future plans for the AEMODT see the Tour expanded outside of the Great Lakes State with more events in Indiana and Ohio as well as outside those three key states.


About American Ethanol

American Ethanol is a partnership between Growth Energy and the National Corn Growers Association and is a collaborative-effort marketing campaign to increase awareness of the reliability, performance capabilities and affordability of American made E15 Ethanol. Growth Energy, an ethanol industry group, and the National Corn Growers Association formed the American Ethanol partnership which highlights E15, a high-performance fuel, providing the same drivability with increased engine performance as regular gasoline. It’s a 15% Ethanol blend made with American ethanol from corn grown in our nation’s heartland and an 85% Gas blend. After extensive testing, NASCAR adopted the fuel for use in all three of their national racing series in 2011. The race teams and engine builders were heavily involved in the transition process, and have since reported high praise for the fuel, which boosts horsepower while reducing emissions. For more information about American Ethanol, go to:


Official Results (Race #3 – 29 Cars) – Saturday, June 17th, 2017 – Baer Field Motorsports Park – Fort Wayne, Indiana
Hoosigan Hustle 25

American Ethanol Feature (Hoosigan Hustle 25): 1. (1) 4b Brian Brindley, 2. (3) 77 Joe Rokos, 3. (7) 87 David Mielke, 4. (9) 82 Jacob Poel, 5. (2) 19 Chad Bauer, 6. (6) 47 Collin Thirlby, 7. (4) 12m John McClure, 8. (15) 11js Josh Scott ®, 9. (8) 15 Dave Baker, 10. (14) 4j Paul Johnson, 11. (12) 20k Bill Keeler, 12. (13) 24n Kyle Novak, 13. (20) b14 Zach Brubaker, 14. (11) 98 Tim Meine, 15. (19) 1 Brian Przepiora ®, 16. (5) 40 Terry Hall, 17. (21) 1e Jeff Erickson Jr., 18. (17) 23 Luke Hubbell ®, 19. (10) 96 Pete Wormcastle, 20. (18) 32 Dan Hubbell, 21. (16) 53 Bobby Stremme

(Lap Leaders: 4b Brian Brindley 1-25  – Cautions=1)


NUVU Fuels Last Chance Race (12 Laps / Top 5 Transfer): 1. (3) 53 Bobby Stremme, 2. (5) 23 Luke Hubbell ®, 3. (7) 32 Dan Hubbell, 4. (1) 1 Brian Przepiora ®, 5. (8) b14 Zach Brubaker, 6. (5) 22js Joel Sherman, 7. (7) 77d Anthony Deming ®, 8. (11) 10 James Case, 9. (2) 21 Brad Wilson, 10. (10) 1e Jeff Erickson Jr. 11. (11) 4t Tyler Teegarden Did Not Start: 4g Bill Griffith, 22s Brian Speelman®, 555 Justin Coulter

Carbon Green BioEnergy Heat Race #1 (10 Laps / Top 5 Transfer): 1. (2) 47 Collin Thirlby, 2. (3) 4b Brian Brindley, 3. (4) 82 Jacob Poel, 4. (1) 96 Pete Wormcastle, 5. (5) 24n Kyle Novak, 6. (8) 1 Brian Przepiora, 7. (6) 53 Bobby Stremme, 8. (9) 77d Anthony Deming ®, 9. (7) 1 e Jeff Erickson Jr. Heat Race #2 (10 Laps / Top 5 Transfer): 1. (3) 87 David Mielke, 2. (1) 12m John McClure, 3. (4) 15 Dave Baker, 4. (2) 4j Paul Johnson, 5. (8) 98 Tim Meine, 6. (5) 4g Bill Griffith, 7. (9) 22js Joel Sherman ®, 8. (7) 32 Dan Hubbell, 9. (6) 22s Brian Speelman ® Did Not Start: 555 Justin Coulter


Growth Energy Heat Race #3 (10 Laps / Top 5 Transfer): 1. (3) 19 Chad Bauer, 2. (4) 77 Joe Rokos, 3. (1) 40 Terry Hall, 4. (2) 20k Bill Keeler, 5. (5) 11js Josh Scott ®, 6. (6) 21 Brad Wilson, 7. (9) 23 Luke Hubbell ®, 8. (8) b14 Zach Brubaker, 9. (10) 4t Tyler Teegarden, 10. (7) 10 James Case


American Ethanol Qualifying (Group 1): 1. 82 Jacob Poel 14.458, 2. 4b Brian Brindley 14.692, 3. 47 Collin Thirlby 14.787, 4. 96 Pete Wormcastle 14.835, 5. 24n Kyle Novak 15.066, 6. 53 Bobby Stremme 15.169, 7. 1e Jeff Erickson Jr. 15.307, 8. 1 Brian Przepiora ® 15.629, 9. 77d Anthony Deming ® 16.668


American Ethanol Qualifying (Group 2): 1. 15 Dave Baker 14.460, 2. 87 David Mielke 14.562, 3. 4j Paul Johnson 14.701, 4. 12m John McClure 14.751, 5. 4g Bill Griffith 15.189, 6. 22s Brian Speelman ® 15.250, 7. 32 Dan Hubbell 15.460, 8. 98 Tim Meine 15.503, 9. 22js Joel Sherman ® 15.739, 10. 555 Justin Coulter No Time


American Ethanol Qualifying (Group 3): 1. 77 Joe Rokos 14.015 (ISKY Racing Cams Fast Qualifier), 2. 19 Chad Bauer 14.547, 3. 20k Bill Keeler 14.685, 4. 40 Terry Hall 14.723, 5. 11js Josh Scott ® 14.911, 6. 21 Brad Wilson 15.080, 7. 10 James Case 15.226, 8. B14 Zach Brubaker 15.407, 9. 23 Luke Hubbell ® 15.434, 10. 4t Tyler Teegarden 16.474


Contingency Awards:
QuickCar Racing Products Rookie of the Race: 11js Josh Scott

Allstar Performance Hard-Charger Award: 11js Josh Scott

Aeroquip Halfway Leader: 4b Brian Brindley

ARP Most Laps Led: 4b Brian Brindley

Driven Racing Oil P3: 87 David Mielke

Keyser Manufacturing P4: 82 Jacob Poel

Shirtworks Apparel P5: 19 Chad Bauer

Dirty Girl Racewear P10: 4j Paul Johnson

ISKY Racing Cams Fast Qualifier: 77 Joe Rokos

American Ethanol Performer of the Race: 82 Jacob Poel

Hoosier Racing Tire Hard-Luck Award: 1e Jeff Erickson Jr.

Quarter Master Move of the Race: 4b Brian Brindley

Lane Automotive Member A: 47 Collin Thirlby

Hoosier Racing Tire Member B: 22js Joel Sherman